"grow banana" tradução em português


"grow banana" em português

grow banana
  • crescer banana
  • cultivar banana

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Although they are unable to grow bananas in a fully organic way because of the humidity conditions, they strive to make use of as many sustainability practices as they can.
Iran can't grow bananas, and they import $400 million in bananas every year.
He has also been able to reclaim formerly dry land to grow banana for sale to the local market.
Panama is the biggest problem here, but it's one of the better places to grow bananas as far as cycle times, and we've got good soil and good water here.
Angola imports 90% of food, but can now rely on nationally grown bananas.
A farmer prefers to grow a banana variety that will produce big, easily marketable bunches.
There are 11 bedrooms, a glass conservatory heated and cooled to grow bananas, and outside, a wind generator and a 200-foot-wide lavender maze.
Everyone who enjoys their sweet farm grown bananas, local berries and cucumbers etc.

Exemplos de uso para "grow banana" em português

EnglishWill these people migrate, some to Europe adding to our 20 million unemployed, or will they take to crops like cocaine that will grow on the former banana plantations?
Irão estas pessoas migrar, algumas para a Europa, indo somar-se aos nossos 20 milhões de desempregados, ou irão virar-se para culturas como a cocaína que crescerá nas antigas plantações de banana?

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