"grow a crop" tradução em português


"grow a crop" em português

grow a crop
  • cultivar uma cultura

Exemplos de uso para "grow a crop" em inglês

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And the government is going to provide all the incentives and ways on how to grow the crop.?
And when the gangs get involved, farmers become too afraid to grow the crop, which reduces supply even more.
Egypt pays its farmers a high price for their wheat in an attempt to encourage them to grow the crop.
He said that our farmers were very poor in planting strategies and had less information about how to grow and when to grow the crop.
However, analysts said the rally was not sufficient to convince many farmers to grow the crop.
To grow the crop, he tills the land ensuring it is weed-free and applies farm yard manure to boost growth and makes beds where he will place the vines.
When the industry started off, it was very cheap to grow the crop.
Potash, a critical ingredient used to grow crops, is not traded on public markets.
The worm-made compost is used on the land to grow crops.

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