"groves of academe" tradução em português


"groves of academe" em português

groves of academe
  • bosques de academe
  • bosques de academia

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But there's trouble looming in the groves of academe.
In his time poetry was not held captive in the groves of academe, but lived in the world of court and street.
That figure is now approaching 50%, and no one would advocate turning the clock back to the days when only a tiny elite entered the groves of academe.
Watson sent up any pompous git who crossed his path, and there were plenty of those in the groves of academe, but his teasing could sometimes verge on perilous territory.
It is only in the groves of academe that brainiacs, warped by their doctorates and professorships, contrive to argue the opposite.
Meanwhile, those fortunate folks who inhabit the groves of academe feel absolutely no need to hold the line on expenses.
In the groves of academe the whispers are ominous: senior people talk about medical applications "falling away".

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