"group participate" tradução em português


"group participate" em português

group participate
  • participar do grupo
  • grupo participar

Exemplos de uso para "group participate" em inglês

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Each group participated in its respective intervention for 2 hours per week for 8 weeks.
The highly focused network, experience, and reputation of this team have made it one of the top private-equity groups participating in the healthcare field.
He then directed the district council to go back to past village minutes and ascertain if all the groups participated fully in the exercise.
It is crucial that this group participate if the exchanges are to succeed.
Some 100 or so theatre groups participated in the festival.
Nine teams in three groups participated in two stages, consisting 12 matches.
He is safely outside of the zone in which significant numbers of people in his peer group participate in organized athletics.
Residents in the control group participated in a musical activity instead.
Students of 10 to 14 years age group participated in a story telling competition.
The other group participated in a standard of practice warm-up routine that included aerobic and stretching components.

Exemplos de uso para "group participate" em português

EnglishThis is why our group is refusing to participate in the vote on this resolution.
É por isso que o nosso grupo se recusa a participar na votação da dita resolução.
EnglishOur group is prepared to participate in structural work in a social Europe.
O nosso grupo está disposto a participar no trabalho estrutural numa Europa social.
EnglishOur group refuses to participate in this institutional ploy, this continuing squabble.
O nosso grupo recusa-se a participar neste jogo institucional, nesta «guerrilha» permanente.
EnglishHaving said that, I call upon my group not to participate in the vote but to leave the Chamber.
Dito isto, convido o meu grupo a não participar na votação e a abandonar o hemiciclo.
EnglishThese are six countries, in other words, which form a sub-group of the group of countries which participate in the green card system.
Seis países. Por outras palavras, estes seis países constituem um subgrupo do grupo de países que partilham do "sistema de carta verde".

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