"group interaction" tradução em português


"group interaction" em português

group interaction
  • interação de grupo
  • interação em grupo

Exemplos de uso para "group interaction" em inglês

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I think they should for several reasons including: camaraderie, learning from group interaction, skill development, life-long friendships, exercise and fun.
There's the belief that creativity and productivity come from group interaction.
Her work is part of an emerging area of research that considers the social nature of memory and the effect of group interaction.
Our clients enjoyed the group interaction, sharing their opinions and views and learning from others' views.
Alumini is a group interaction and management app.
Such a free-flowing model is not entirely replicable either, as it relies on the business leader to set the tone for group interaction and collaboration.
In addition, when a law schools racial diversity was significant and group interaction was high, graduating law students perceived their law school as more open and respectful of diverse ideas.
Schools are increasingly set up to maximize group interaction.
It's also a fully enjoyable entry into the series, remixing the existing formula in inventive ways that serve to tighten up the game's basic gameplay while encouraging group interaction.
There will also be rooms for art work and general group interaction plus new extra changing and toilet facilities.

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