"group counselling" tradução em português


"group counselling" em português

group counselling
  • aconselhamento em grupo

Exemplos de uso para "group counselling" em inglês

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In the beginning, the participants had group counselling sessions every two weeks.
Participants were placed on a low-calorie diet, prescribed increases in physical activity and had group counselling sessions as part of the study.
Each provincial region will have a lead agency that assists men in finding individual or group counselling, peer support and other services.
These she said could be done through individual or group counselling.
Most universities now run group counselling sessions specifically for loneliness.
The county council might be well advised to establish emergency group counselling sessions in the event of victory and all the old certainties washed away.
By the end of the group counselling, the debate about whether online or mall shopping is better therapy dissolved into laughter.
During weekly group counselling sessions, offenders discuss their beliefs and behaviours, healthy relationships and techniques for defusing violence.
A wide range of group and milieu therapies were developed for use with offenders, including group counselling and psychodrama.
Clinical programming will include one-on-one counselling, group counselling, relationships, relapse prevention and family therapy, using a wide range of treatment approaches.

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