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"group composed of" em português

group composed of
  • grupo composto por

Exemplos de uso para "group composed of" em inglês

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A group composed of 23 shipping companies also agreed to lower fare.
According to reports, a group composed of senior management officials from both sides will soon be created to negotiate the terms of the final agreement.
But he started it with a group composed of himself and five close friends.
The only thing needed would be a group composed of determined people with the demon of revolution in their souls.
It was produced by a working group composed of specialists in substance addiction and misuse.
The women painters hope to strengthen the larger construction group composed of engineers, masons and other skilled labourers.
But screening long lists of names with a focus group composed of friends and family can return mixed results.
Moreover, she wanted him to become the director of a singing group composed of miners and former miners.
Opena further said that right there and then, the bikers group composed of 35 regular members immediately raised funds and solicited goods from benevolent donors.
You need this study group composed of eminent persons to prepare the road map.

Exemplos de uso para "group composed of" em português

EnglishI have no particular information to offer by way of an answer; I therefore take note of it and will pass on the question to the group composed of the three general secretaries.
Não tenho elementos particulares de resposta a dar; por isso, tomo a devida nota e transmitirei a questão ao grupo dos três secretários-gerais.
EnglishThese Timorese will work in areas such as agriculture, fisheries and industry and it is expected that the first group, composed of 45 people, will depart on March 5.
Estes timorenses irão trabalhar em áreas como a agricultura, pesca e indústria, estando prevista a partida de um primeiro grupo, composto por 45 pessoas, já no dia 5 de Março.

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