"group compared to" tradução em português


"group compared to" em português

group compared to
  • em comparação com
  • grupo em comparação com

Exemplos de uso para "group compared to" em inglês

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Females were more likely to oppose marijuana being legal, but there was greater support from the 18-40 age group compared to other age groups.
There was a higher referral rate among the over 80 years age group compared to 65 to 79 year olds.
A six-year follow-up showed a trend toward greater recurrence and higher mortality rates in the control group compared to the relaxation group.
The normalization of hepatic echogenic response was significantly higher for the tocotrienols treated group compared to the placebo group.
The rate of new non-melanoma skin cancer was 23 per cent lower in the nicotinamide group compared to the placebo group.
There was 31 per cent reduction in death-rate from cervical cancer in the screening group compared to the control group.
Findings showed a 15% higher graduation rate for the entire meditating group compared to non-meditating controls, after taking into account student grade point average.
Eleven out of over 700 children had severe malaria among the vaccinated group compared to 26 out of over 700 in the non-vaccinated group.
So why were children more likely to steal when they were in an anonymous group compared to when they were anonymous and alone?

Traduções parecidas para group compared to em Português

group substantivo
group adjetivo
to preposição
to conjunção
to be nothing compared to