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group class
  • classe de grupo

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As a teacher, she pays individual attention even in a group class.
If your dog lacks social skills to participate in a group class, then consider private lessons -- it is money well spent.
Kuzmic advises students who want to start working out to begin in a group class.
Though it's a group class, he keenly observes each and every student and provides individual attention.
You may opt to enlist the help of a personal trainer, or do a group class.
Both were pulled unconscious from the water as they competed among 2,400 swimmers in the leisure group class.
No fitness studio is complete these days without a ballet barre or dance-themed group class.
In a group class environment, trainers will first use the technique that works for most dogs.
I specialize in teaching young children in a group class specifically developed for their age.
This is a mixed group class for advanced athletes who are in better physical condition than most of mankind.

Exemplos de uso para "group class" em português

EnglishJust click below on the age group of your class to find the material best suited for your teaching requirements.
Basta clicar mais abaixo no grupo etário correspondente à idade dos alunos para encontrar o material mais adequado às suas necessidades pedagógicas.

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group substantivo
group adjetivo
class substantivo
middle class substantivo
working class substantivo
upper class adjetivo
lower class substantivo
group work substantivo
third class advérbio
third class substantivo