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"group category" em português

group category
  • categoria de grupo
  • categoria grupo

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A fine return at 45: a world record of 2:12.01 in the 200m medley in the 45-49 age group category.
She was supposed to compete in the women's elite category of that race but technical blunders forced her to join the age group category.
Everything has to be reviewed... it has to be improved so that the kumpulan sokongan (support group category) within the service gets a better deal.
Instead, there are two groups that have won: one for a new junior group category and the other in the senior group category.
The group that won the "double-platinum" championship was competing in the competitive eight-and-under small group category.
He was also first in the 11-13 age group category with a total of 73.55 points.
First place earns a $1,000 gift certificate, second place $500 and $250 for third in the organization, business or group category.
The licencee can also attach his vehicle with a group category licensee having valid licence, through an agreement with the group category licencee.
Hispanics, identified in a separate ethnic group category, account for 15 percent.

Exemplos de uso para "group category" em português

EnglishIndicate group category:
EnglishWith an epidemiological study, injuries and suicides could be recorded and analysed statistically, over time, and according to age group and category.
Através de um estudo epidemiológico das lesões e dos suicídios, estes poderiam ser registados e analisados estatisticamente, no tempo e no espaço, por idades e por categorias.

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