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"group activity" em português

group activity
  • atividade do grupo
  • atividade em grupo

Exemplos de uso para "group activity" em inglês

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But if you happen to catch a windy day outside, get busy with a kite, and invite your friends to make it a group activity.
But this version of the game is a group activity.
So it makes sense that rebounding from burnout is also a group activity.
But he knew he wanted to create a group activity that would be fun and fresh, and result in people making new things.
What about a pledge to take up a form of relaxation or engage in a group activity that you enjoy.
Building robots is incredibly fun and satisfying -- it's also a great group activity.
Especially flag football, which is really a great group activity.
A pot session refers to a group activity involving smoking rolled-up joints of marijuana.
The arrests were made after the police had monitored the group when they were conducting their group activity in the resort, he said.
Somasundaram believes that traumatized and marginalized persons can be mainstreamed through participation in social activism, group activity and assumption of leadership roles.

Exemplos de uso para "group activity" em português

EnglishBecause in my family, reading was the primary group activity.
Porque na minha família, ler era a principal actividade em conjunto.

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