"groundwater withdrawals" tradução em português


"groundwater withdrawals" em português

groundwater withdrawals
  • levantamentos de águas subterrâneas
  • retiradas de águas subterrâneas

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Irrigated agriculture accounts for 70 percent of all surface and groundwater withdrawals globally.
Extremely low flows are the greatest concern in arid climates, in large part due to groundwater withdrawals and high water use for irrigation.
A soil-water-balance model was used to estimate recharge from precipitation and groundwater withdrawals for irrigation.
However, dramatic increases in groundwater withdrawals have reduced river flows.
The policy framework calls for control in groundwater withdrawals as well as generation of additional indigenous hydropower.
Groundwater withdrawals rose in tandem, resulting in a large-scale and ongoing depletion of this critical water reserve.
Changes in the timing and magnitude of natural streamflows -- often caused by dams, diversions, levees and groundwater withdrawals -- can severely impact freshwater life.
Let's actually monitor groundwater withdrawals, both public and private.
There is also no system to record groundwater withdrawals and recharge rates.

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