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"groundwater table" em português

groundwater table
  • mesa de águas subterrâneas
  • tabela de águas subterrâneas

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Experts say this is the major reason for depletion of the groundwater table.
In addition to pulling new measurements, the researchers will also analyze the temperature of the water reservoir and fluctuations in the groundwater table.
In such circumstances, the government says it has no option but to extensively exploit the groundwater table.
Officials claim that around 7 lakh cubic metres of rainwater collect in these pits every year to recharge the groundwater table.
Severe drought for the second consecutive year has led to crop failure, mounting debts and depletion of the groundwater table.
Stressing the need for rainwater harvesting and for recharging the groundwater table, he said the country had 71 types of rainwater harvesting methods.
Students and volunteers from the village cleaned a local tank of rags and plastic waste to protect the water body and conserve the groundwater table.
That changed quickly with the formation of new layouts in the region, leading to the drastic decline in the groundwater table.
There is a need for building bye-laws to insist on a range of on-plot sanitation as mandatory, depending on the location and the groundwater table.
Unplanned use of forest land for development purposes has dried the groundwater table, reducing the availability of water for agriculture.

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