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"groundwater system" em português

groundwater system
  • sistema de águas subterrâneas

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Alongside this age testing results on aquifer water from across the water supply network show younger water in parts of the groundwater system.
Even if we get reasonably normal rain from now till the end of the year, you aren't going to be recharging the groundwater system.
In cases where longwall mining is proposed, impacts may not be reversible and as such, trigger levels might not be able to safeguard against irreversible changes to the groundwater system.
Next, the water goes to a drainage system where it re-enters the groundwater system.
Please provide the technical and cost justification for not expanding use of the groundwater system.
The earthen tanks are used to hold channeled rainwater and aid its return to the groundwater system.
The entire building has a membrane lining underneath it, which -- in the event of a fluid spill -- prevents waste material from escaping into the groundwater system.
The report also points out that "fracking fluids", which could be used to help extract methane, must "not be allowed to leak into other parts of the groundwater system".
This gas determines when last water (which has already entered the groundwater system) was last in contact with the atmosphere.
This toxic slowly leak into the nearby environment, eventually mixing with the groundwater system.

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