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"groundbreaking study" em português

groundbreaking study
  • estudo inovador

Exemplos de uso para "groundbreaking study" em inglês

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A groundbreaking study has detected a substance which appears in the blood of sufferers.
A groundbreaking study has shown how the cave-dwelling crooners wow one another with their voices.
But an hour a day spent playing computer games can actually help to cure a lazy eye, a groundbreaking study has shown.
In 2010, her office released a groundbreaking study that found immigrant professionals still face daunting barriers to employment in their respective fields.
Just recently, a group of research scientists had come out with the news of a groundbreaking study that may lead to the discovery of a drug for cancer cure.
One out of five foreign workers becomes permanent residents, twice the rate from two decades ago, says a groundbreaking study that examines an immigration system increasingly geared toward temporary migrants.
A mum comforts her baby inside a flax bassinet (wahakura) as part of a groundbreaking study.
Reddington's first edition was a groundbreaking study; this edition is a reiteration of the same plights and struggles.
Mernagh also called on the province to release a groundbreaking study in 1972, which monitored the effects of marijuana on a group of 20 women.

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