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"groundbreaking show" em português

groundbreaking show
  • show inovador

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Eventually those feelings gave way to pride that their network had given birth to such a groundbreaking show, which is why so many executives were willing to talk to us.
For such a groundbreaking show, record keeping after the exhibition was a little lax.
He was still in his twenties when his groundbreaking show went on air.
If you wanted to hear the original creators talking about their groundbreaking show, this was most definitely the place.
This groundbreaking show does two things: it explains how eyes developed and then explores sight's effect on animals, whether jumping spiders, iridescent butterflies, or humans.
It might not be the most groundbreaking show on television right now, but it's a well-crafted, interestingly developed series, which really kicks up a gear after an anodyne opening episode.
Television is a medium driven by immediacy, and yesterday's groundbreaking show starts to feel quaint a few years after it airs.
You really get the feeling that this show is driven by the performers who love putting on this groundbreaking show for the public.

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