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"groundbreaking research" em português

groundbreaking research
  • pesquisa inovadora

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For his groundbreaking research in breast cancer screening and for his commitment to improving women's health.
In groundbreaking research, immunotherapy uses the body's immune system to eradicate cancer -- for life.
No more groundbreaking research on algal blooms, acid rain, mercury pollution, endocrine disrupting chemicals, aquaculture impacts, antimicrobial nanomaterials and climate change.
The groundbreaking research comes at a significant moment.
The university insisted on growing and becoming more sophisticated, always with an eye to exceptionally high-quality teaching and groundbreaking research.
We have a medical system known the world over for groundbreaking research and restorative treatment.
Now, in a city known for its groundbreaking research on sports concussions, teenage girls in soccer are getting a chance to score for science.
Let us continue to do groundbreaking research from here, but let's remember that it's rather useless if it's not being read about out there.
He helped usher in the use of antibiotics to fight infection and did groundbreaking research on strep infections.
Hawking has become an esteemed figure in the scientific community because of his groundbreaking research into the origins of the universe and its future.

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