"groundbreaking discovery" tradução em português


"groundbreaking discovery" em português

groundbreaking discovery
  • descoberta inovadora

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It might not lead to a groundbreaking discovery, but it's enough to entertain us before games begin.
It's a groundbreaking discovery, one that parents of autistic kids would have welcomed much earlier.
In late 2010, there were rumblings about a groundbreaking discovery in the field of astrobiology, a field that hypothesizes about what life could look like on other planets.
Understanding some of these normal development processes might lead to a groundbreaking discovery in cancer research, such as has been reported by these researchers.
Alzheimer's disease appears to spread like a virus from one brain cell to another, a groundbreaking discovery that could help stop the debilitating disease in its tracks, researchers say.
Scientists have found a way to pull in water from the air around us in a groundbreaking discovery that could have huge implications for the developing world.
The groundbreaking discovery helps explain the mystery that had baffled astronomers.
And now the scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery thanks to the money raised, finding a common gene that contributes to the progressive disease.
Australian scientists have made the groundbreaking discovery that malaria-infected patients have higher levels of certain chemicals in their breath.

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discovery substantivo
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