"ground swell" tradução em português


"ground swell" em português

ground swell
  • inchar do solo
  • inchar terreno

Exemplos de uso para "ground swell" em inglês

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Below are a couple of solutions but there would have to be a ground swell of support to make one or the other happen.
Cutbacks in already reduced funding for research, inadequate grants for post-grads and a lack of resources for equipment led to a ground swell of resentment among the science community here.
It's a real skill to learn to manage this and nurture the little interest you have so it becomes a ground swell of confidence.
The move comes on the back of a ground swell of lobby groups supporting the usage of marijuana and cannabis oil for the treatment of severe and terminal illnesses.
Years ago such assessments focused primarily on specific skills and competencies, but more recently there is a ground swell of 360-degree assessments that are character, and strength-based.
The ground swell of economic populism could easily be brushed aside as a flash in the pan.
There is more to the ground swell of opposition in the brand of zoning in the state.
Hopefully their courageous action will be the ground swell to a new social revolution that embraces equity for all.
Let's get a ground swell moving to take civic pride in our city / neighbourhoods by eliminating the litter on our streets.
The surprise factor is adding to the drama and motivating the ground swell in both countries.

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