"ground radar" tradução em português


"ground radar" em português

ground radar
  • radar terrestre
  • radar de terra

Exemplos de uso para "ground radar" em inglês

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One thing for certain about the vehicle is that it is a highly developed unmanned plane that is well out of the reaches of any ground radar.
He said a ground search was started in 1999 using magnetometers and ground radar, but faced difficulties.
To prevent even greater subsidence from traffic movements and in order to conduct further ground radar investigations we have closed the road.
When they consulted the ground radar of the nearby airport, they also confirmed the huge size.
Another ground radar has been undertaken by a third party and this suggests there is a void crossing the road, adjacent to the latest hole.
The data from the magnetometers is gathered as the sensor array is pulled at 20mph or more, while the ground radar sensors move at a fast walking pace.
Ground radar does potentially indicate features which may tie in with other evidence.
Technological innovations, including heated clothing and ground radar that can detect crevices in the icy terrain, have made the trek less risky.
Atmospheric attenuation is high for these frequencies, but in ground to ground radar you don't care, since you are usually looking only short distances.
There's also an ongoing problem in the former mining area and the ground radar results are frightening.

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