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"ground plane" em português

ground plane
  • plano terrestre

Exemplos de uso para "ground plane" em inglês

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The ground plane is brought to life through the creation of opportunities...
The ground plane is seen to add significant public benefit through its retail offering and fine grain of laneways.
To add to this, the ground plane is permeable in these plazas -- open doors to cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.
The offset core ensures that all office floor tenants have unrivalled access to river views, and opens up the ground plane to create generous public spaces.
We used the ground plane to negotiate, exaggerate or blend differences between things like ceremony and security, public assembly and domesticity, occupation of ground and commodification of the view.
Its side glass walls afford visibility from the ground plane, with generous water courts providing natural light and ventilation within.
The square itself has been used a privacy barrier -- shielding the residents from the ground plane.
Retail spaces have intentionally been compressed down to the ground plane where concentrations of use can create a buzz and hubs of activity at various times of the days.
Lendlease still holds on balance sheet all the ground plane waterfront buildings, which are strata titled.
Run electric current thru the webbing or via a ground plane mounted on the habitat porch?

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