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"ground meat" em português

ground meat
  • carne moída

Exemplos de uso para "ground meat" em inglês

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Tamra said of her diet as she prepped a big pan of ground meat.
You could use just one or two types of ground meat, instead of three.
Reduce the amount of meat you eat -- and lower costs too -- by blending cooked lentils with ground meat for burgers.
Sambousek, a fried dough filled with ground meat and spices.
Was ground meat put on this planet to partner with fig jam?
Ground meat and rice are stuffed in grape leaves, cooked and usually served in a tomato-based sauce, she explains.
One focused on identification of the species found in ground meat products and the other investigated game meat species labeling.
Top the ground meat mix with a perfect sunny side-up which sort of bursts and spills when you break it with the fork tines.
Add ground meat and stir until the pinkish meat color is gone.
Ice water is added to the ground meat and spices.

Traduções parecidas para ground meat em Português

meat substantivo
ground substantivo
ground adjetivo
ground floor substantivo
jerked meat substantivo
ground level substantivo
ground beef substantivo
ground coffee substantivo
ground rent substantivo
ground water substantivo