"ground freeze" tradução em português


"ground freeze" em português

ground freeze
  • congelamento do solo

Exemplos de uso para "ground freeze" em inglês

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Because once the ground freezes, we can't recharge the groundwater.
Glad corms should be lifted in the fall before the ground freezes.
I sprinkle the surface of the soil copiously with the pepper after planting, and repeat after rains until the ground freezes.
I'd like to get everything installed before the ground freezes.
Keep new plantings watered until the ground freezes.
Access will be restored the following week, though a smaller portion of fence will remain in place until the ground freezes to protect the lawn.
Water before the ground freezes to help plants that keep their leaves or needles during the winter.
Frigid winds swept the plains, the ground froze, and snow descended on the weary, emaciated travelers.

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to freeze verbo
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