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"grossly unequal" em português

grossly unequal
  • grosseiramente desigual

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Poverty is an enemy of good governance, for persistent poverty is a destabiliser, especially if such poverty is shared in a grossly unequal manner...
We're all different but equal, and men's role in that would just be being equal in a way that is actually grossly unequal.
Olivera also said there has been a grossly unequal distribution of the government compensation funds for not setting out gillnets.
A grossly unequal gap between the rich and the poor.
We see it in our racially-divided towns and cities, in the grossly unequal access to crucial resources along racial lines.
Hence, there can be no genuine democracy in a country where citizens are grossly unequal in wealth and the poor who are invariably the majority are dependent on the wealthy.
We have grossly unequal distribution of opportunity in education, health, housing, employment, human rights and law.
When are we going to start protesting the fact that apart from isolated pockets, the medical profession on the whole is still grossly unequal?
And it cost us $1.2-billion to stage and choreograph this grossly unequal contest.
But there seems to be agreement that we are a divided, grossly unequal society in which some communities feel isolated, let down and left behind.

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