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"grossly inefficient" em português

grossly inefficient
  • grosseiramente ineficiente

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As a way of providing the community with resources, it's grossly inefficient.
It isn't that our education system is grossly underfunded; it's that it's grossly inefficient.
But again, residents have to call in to check on their danger status, and that's grossly inefficient.
There is something grossly inefficient -- even immoral -- about this allocation of resources, which undermines the development of health solutions for those who need them most.
The existing systems are grossly inefficient, which creates a gait asymmetry because users have to accommodate energy deficiency.
Using land to grow crops to feed to animals can be grossly inefficient.
It is so grossly inefficient, antiquated, poorly managed and fragmented.
Like their predecessors, far too many of the democratic era police are exceedingly brutal and corrupt -- and grossly inefficient.
Fact is we've been down this road before of grossly inefficient, inequitable private education subsidised by the taxpayers and excluding those without enough money.
Besides, some of them were grossly inefficient, with extremely low levels of accountability, transparency, productivity, and probity.

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