"grossly disproportionate" tradução em português


"grossly disproportionate" em português

grossly disproportionate
  • grosseiramente desproporcional

Exemplos de uso para "grossly disproportionate" em inglês

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But the signatories to the letter said the army's response had been "grossly disproportionate".
It says extraditing people for petty crimes is "grossly disproportionate".
It says it's footing a "grossly disproportionate" part of the property tax bill and can not just pick up operations and move.
Only "grossly disproportionate" force and a "calculated action of revenge" was illegal.
The proposals mean that householders will be given protection under the law for fighting back against burglars unless they use "grossly disproportionate" force.
The ruling called the terms of the injunction "grossly disproportionate" with the actions of the protesters.
Their over-representation in police and prison custody was described as "grossly disproportionate".
But the vitriol that exploded on social media when the video went viral was grossly disproportionate.
Compared to that loss, a fee of $20 to $35 was grossly disproportionate, extravagant, and illegal.
Even so, an expectation remains that the resort to force will be neither gratuitous nor grossly disproportionate.

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