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"gross product" em português

gross product
  • produto bruto
gross production
  • produção bruta

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Developing countries continue to be the main drivers of growth, accounting for about 60 percent of the world's gross product increases in 2016-2018, the report said.
It is possible for (potential) clients to have their own gross product sorted on size and quality.
There is indeed gross product placement, too, as in all summer popcorn movies.
In general, taxes were about five percent of gross product, regardless of what that happened to be.
Gross product margin after shipping would show if our model was viable.
And yet during that same period, manufacturing output increased 1 percent, from $33.3 million in manufacturing gross product to $33.7 million.
Most glaringly, the anticipated gross product margin after shipping can be harder to calculate correctly than revenue and is subject to degradation by unforeseen costs or discounting.
I initially thought that 30 percent gross product margin after shipping could sustain a business.
The overall annual gains to the economy were $7.42 in total spending, $3.56 in gross product, and $2.20 in personal income for every dollar spent toward legal aid.
December gross production within this area averaged approximately 6,900 boe/d (58% liquids).
December gross production within this area averaged approximately 900 boe/d (44% liquids).
The only royalty required under the law is 12.5 per cent of gross production, to be paid to the government by the contract holder.
Cenovus also expects its gross production to rise by 100,000 bpd by the end of 2016, giving its latest acquisition strategic importance amid pipeline delays.
The group expects average gross production at the field to average around 74,000 bopd for the full year.
The company said new boring at wells in the lease area increased gross production to around 61,000 barrels of oil per day.
The well was recently put on production at restricted gross production rates of 10.0 mmcf/d of natural gas and 300 bbls/day of free condensate.
Gross production is currently about 33,000 bbls/day with steam chambers continuing to build as expected.
The company's gross production of gas averaged 598 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmscf/d) during the period but 123mmscf/d was flared.
The first flow period yielded a gross production of approximately 130 bopd of 21?

Exemplos de uso para "gross product" em português

EnglishAnnually, they should not receive more than 1% net of the Gross Domestic Product.
Anualmente, eles não deveriam receber mais de 1% líquido do produto interno bruto.
EnglishIf we consider our gross national product, that ought actually to be possible.
Se considerarmos o nosso produto interno bruto, isso até deveria ser possível.
EnglishWe can talk about 0.7% of our gross national product in aid, and even more.
Podemos falar de 0,7% do nosso produto interno bruto em ajuda, e até mesmo mais.
EnglishThe union budget amounts to 1.2 % of gross national product of the European Union.
O orçamento da União representa 1, 2 % du produto nacional bruto da União Europeia.
EnglishGross Domestic Product is an indicator of economic development and prosperity.
O Produto Interno Bruto é um indicador do desenvolvimento económico e da prosperidade.
EnglishHe is coming with an investment package of 1.8% to his gross national product.
Este apresentar-se-á com um pacote de investimento de 1,8% do seu Produto Interno Bruto.
EnglishAgain, this is a fraction of a per mille of France's Gross National Product.
Mais uma vez, trata-se de milésimas do produto nacional bruto da França.
EnglishThat is tragic and also accounts for 3 to 4 % of the Gross Domestic Product.
É difícil desenvolver métodos de tratamento eficazes para essas doenças.
EnglishThat target is to spend 3% of gross domestic product on research and development.
Essa meta consiste em gastar 3% do produto interno bruto em investigação e desenvolvimento.
EnglishOne cannot expect miracles with just 1% of the Gross Domestic Product.
Com apenas 1% do produto interno bruto, não é realmente possível esperar milagres.
English60  % for the ratio of government debt to gross domestic product at market prices.
60  % para a relação entre a dívida pública e o produto interno bruto a preços de mercado.
EnglishRussia now ranks below Switzerland in terms of gross domestic product.
A Rússia, actualmente, situa-se abaixo da Suíça em termos de produto interno bruto.
EnglishGross domestic product is the best known measure of macro-economic activity.
O produto interno bruto é a mais conhecida unidade de medida da actividade macroeconómica.
EnglishThe fund’s balance is currently ten times the non-oil Gross Domestic product.
Actualmente o saldo do fundo é dez vezes superior ao produto interno bruto não petrolífero.
EnglishInvestment now represents only about 18 % of the gross domestic product of Europe.
O investimento representa actualmente apenas 18 % do produto interno bruto da União Europeia.
EnglishThe intention is also to invest 3% of gross domestic product in scientific research.
Pretende ainda que se invistam 3 % do PIB em investigação científica.
EnglishWe have a budget surplus of nearly 5 % of our gross domestic product.
Temos um excedente orçamental de quase 5 % do nosso produto interno bruto.
EnglishIt amounts to less than 1% of the gross European product.
O orçamento da União é uma miséria: menos de 1% do produto europeu bruto.
EnglishAlso, have you calculated the increase in gross domestic product generated from these projects?
Mais ainda, calculou o aumento do produto interno bruto gerado por esses projectos?
EnglishWe have a budget surplus of nearly 5% of our gross domestic product.
Temos um excedente orçamental de quase 5% do nosso produto interno bruto.

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