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gross payments
  • pagamentos brutos

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On average, gross payments to doctors are now 61 per cent more than in 2003.
Freelancer's gross payments (which is a reasonable proxy for the business' revenue) have increased from $28 million in 2010 to $80.9 million; however, that appears to have been partly driven by acquisitions.
Last year, 199 members earned more than $250,000 in average payments, with average gross payments -- including commissions, royalties and bonuses -- totaling $666,680.
The group's stated revenue is far less, at only $18 million; however, as a comparison to traditional businesses, gross payments actually makes more sense.
Tax withheld on gross payments made on account of winnings from a raffle, lottery, prize offered by companies for promotion of sale and crossword puzzles is also a final tax.
A physician's net income may vary from the gross payments shown as costs of operating a practice must be paid from these gross payments.
Banks were also told to disclose their total receivables, gross payments, general profiles on cardholders (based on gender, civil status and educational attainment, among others) and the type of payments.
The 15% tax on gross payments to non-residents on account of royalty and technical services was also waived.
Of those, 222 derived 20 per cent or more of their gross payments from that test, and 170 of those doctors had billings greater than $900,000.

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