"gross oversimplification" tradução em português


"gross oversimplification" em português

gross oversimplification
  • simplificação excessiva bruta
  • supersimplificação grosseira

Exemplos de uso para "gross oversimplification" em inglês

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But any suggestion that physical books (or even the library itself) are obsolete is a gross oversimplification.
But narrowing the practice of yoga into either entirely shallow or completely spiritual is a gross oversimplification.
Okay, admittedly, the previous statement is both facetious and a gross oversimplification.
The claim that "oil floats to the surface" is a gross oversimplification.
These conditions are complex, and suggesting that there is one single "misery molecule" responsible for them all is a gross oversimplification.
Besides being rude, this is a gross oversimplification of the complicated factors of health and maintaining a healthy weight.
Speaking of a few garrison constituencies is a gross oversimplification of the problem.

Exemplos de uso para "gross oversimplification" em português

EnglishSome groups have been guilty of gross over-simplification about the problems involved.
Alguns grupos têm incorrido numa simplificação excessiva dos problemas envolvidos.

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