"gross injustice" tradução em português


"gross injustice" em português

gross injustice
  • injustiça grave
  • injustiça grosseira

Exemplos de uso para "gross injustice" em inglês

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Especially if you are a frustrated contrarian civil servant confronted by a gross injustice.
Many of them have been found not guilty and that's a gross injustice.
Moreover, anganwadi workers get nothing when they retire at present, which is a gross injustice.
On the face of it, these cases illustrate a gross injustice.
Unbeknownst to me at the time bigger things were to come, like writing this letter to correct a gross injustice.
It would be a gross injustice to shatter dreams of such parents.
This is a gross injustice to groups and individuals working tirelessly and in risk environment on human rights and pro-democracy advancement in the zone.
That's not the purpose of the system, the purpose is to avoid an error that would result in gross injustice.
How long this gross injustice and bias attitude could continue.
Civil silence in the face of suffering and gross injustice can break hearts and crush communities.

Exemplos de uso para "gross injustice" em português

EnglishEven one child soldier is a gross injustice to humanity and its future.
Uma única criança-soldado é uma enorme injustiça para a humanidade e o seu futuro.
EnglishThis would be a gross injustice and deception of organic farmers, sellers and consumers.
Desse modo, estaríamos a cometer uma injustiça grosseira e a enganar os agricultores, os comerciantes e os consumidores de produtos "biológicos”.
EnglishI hope that the EU will be discussing this in its relations with India and will help stamp out this gross social injustice.
Espero que a União Europeia aborde este assunto no âmbito das suas relações com a Índia e ajude a pôr termo a esta gritante injustiça social.
EnglishEven when a national legal system or national government knows that a gross injustice is being done, it cannot prevent it.
Mesmo quando um sistema jurídico nacional ou um governo de um país sabe que se está a cometer uma injustiça flagrante, nada pode fazer para o impedir.

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