"asset growth" tradução em português


"asset growth" em português

asset growth
  • crescimento de ativos

Exemplos de uso para "asset growth" em inglês

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We are well positioned to deliver asset growth in 2016/17 and beyond.
We will also continue to actually keep our momentum on retail asset growth.
Deutsch, who oversees 22 people, including 10 salesmen, said he's less concerned about short-term asset growth as long as he's delivering on the performance front.
It was the second strong year of asset growth -- in 2013 the increase was 13.7 percent ($1.6 billion).
Is the fund manager's compensation tied to asset growth, even partly?
Hedge fund managers are focusing on asset growth to counter reduced inflows.
Pressure to perform: performance fees are a higher percentage of overall compensation and drive asset growth.
The bank's capital adequacy and liquidity ratios remained strong, in spite of risk asset growth, at 22 per cent and 56 per cent respectively.
Managers who say asset growth is their first priority, even though they are facing an unprecedented change in investor appetites that could affect growth strategies.
Hedge funds have moved into the mainstream marketplace at an accelerated pace, bringing new products to market and driving asset growth.

Exemplos de uso para "asset growth" em português

EnglishTo this end, we have an invaluable asset: growth.
Para isso, temos um trunfo nas mãos: o crescimento.
EnglishThis is a good thing and I hope that a clear signal will be given to European citizens that immigrants are and can be an asset to economic growth rather than a problem.
Isso é bom e eu espero que seja dado um sinal claro aos cidadãos europeus de que os imigrantes são e podem ser, não um problema mas um recurso para o crescimento económico.

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