"asset gain" tradução em português


"asset gain" em português

asset gain
  • ganho de ativos

Exemplos de uso para "asset gain" em inglês

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Xaysana is also said to have been running a gold mine operation in the country among the businesses and assets gained from the sale of narcotics in the region.
This is a potential source of risk as household's spend against perceived asset gains.
Urena feels his best asset gained since the 2012 draft is his patience.
Have these paper asset gains outpaced reasonable growth expectations?
Orders were obtained to freeze assets gained through wrongful means, to the value of six hundred and one million rand during the 2015/2016 financial year.
This year police placed a strong emphasis on seizing the assets gained from drug dealing and assets used to assist and enable the criminal activity.
When two companies merge, they are not forced to pay tax on unrealised property gains, or any other asset gains.
It may attach, confiscate assets gained by a public servant through acts of corruption, besides having powers to recommend transfer or suspension of a public servant accused of corruption.
But this came on the back of biological assets gains and foreign currency gains.

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