"assembled guests" tradução em português


"assembled guests" em português

assembled guests
  • convidados montados
  • convidados reunidos

Exemplos de uso para "assembled guests" em inglês

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At last, she reached the front and, with one final glance back at the assembled guests, steeled herself to face the figure waiting for her in a navy-blue suit.
Luiza was very proud as she explained the dishes and spoke of her country to the assembled guests.
Luttwak walked in circles around the room, providing a running commentary on the assembled guests.
She holds the glass up to the light, expertly: the wine has good colour and effervescence, she declares, to the relief of the assembled guests, and especially the vineyard owner.
So did the rest of the assembled guests, who included his high school coach, high school principal and close friends.
The barbecue ritual has little to do with turning out a meal for the assembled guests, and everything to do with tribal muscle-flexing.
This memorable event ended on a high note as the author took out his guitar and sang to the assembled guests.
When the pair went up to collect their award, they received a standing ovation from the assembled guests.
Before they departed, the assembled guests were presented with parting gifts.
In the finest of naval traditions the assembled guests were treated to the first ceremonial sunset of the deployment.

Traduções parecidas para assembled guests em Português

assembled adjetivo
guests substantivo