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"artistic genius" em português

artistic genius
  • gênio artístico

Exemplos de uso para "artistic genius" em inglês

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He's clearly either an artistic genius or has been partying way too hard on his island getaway.
Whoever came up with the idea is either an artistic genius or an absolute madman, but either way -- it's pretty darn cool.
And no larger nation has ever provided the world with more literary and artistic genius.
My dears, what unfolded over the next 39 minutes or so after was nothing short of cultural and artistic genius.
He was variously described as weird or an artistic genius.
Robert was a manic-depressive often portrayed as an artistic genius, but also a crazed, self-obsessed monster.
It might seem faintly ridiculous to yoke together a small, economical family car, produced on an assembly line, with the pre-eminent artistic genius of the 20th century.
His talent is one that has made news, both at home and abroad and one that speaks volumes on his courage, artistic genius as well as growth.

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