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"artist grapple" em português

artist grapple
  • garra artista
  • grapple artista

Exemplos de uso para "artist grapple" em inglês

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But after, it gained clarity: a last letter from an artist grappling with death, with cancer, with the banal and transcendent.
Here, they're paintings, but not just paintings; they're the work of an artist grappling with the big questions of how best to capture a rapidly changing world.
The combination of drawings and writing provides a graphic, often darkly comic insight into the life of an artist grappling with huge internal upheavals.
The works reveal an artist grappling with big questions in a changing world.
From a visual artist grappling with a new idea to a circus artist performing an aerial act high above the stage, risk is something all artists must embrace.
The artists grapple with it in their initial years before they make up their mind.
Here, we see the artist grappling with the twinned difficulties of death and faith, and with his own desire for a peaceful passage from this world.
But when the central contradictions of contemporary life first emerged, artists grappled powerfully with these tensions.
Twenty-three artists grapple with this unpleasant state of limbo.
This is different from artists grappling with and working out of tradition, which is how art gets made at any time.

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