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"artificial gravity" em português

artificial gravity
  • gravidade artificial

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After all, we might one day be able to create artificial gravity, which would significantly minimise the damage done to the human body in space.
Others talk about designing a spinning spacecraft, to create artificial gravity.
One central concept is of artificial gravity by rotating the station.
One idea that seems to be a central theme is the idea of artificial gravity by rotating the station.
Artificial gravity, artificial intelligence and the manipulative abilities of space and time itself are presented in as matter-of-fact a way as possible.
This latest clip, however, just has us petrified thinking about what happens when artificial gravity is turned off mid-swim.
The basics of the game remain in place, but players also face artificial gravity and infields that stretch vertically into the sky.
It's another when a ship of thousands, complete with families, suddenly loses artificial gravity so that everyone has a health problem.

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