"arrest a gang" tradução em português


"arrest a gang" em português

arrest a gang
  • prender uma gangue

Exemplos de uso para "arrest a gang" em inglês

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For the last three days, the police had been trying to arrest the gang.
The police registered a case against the accused and started raids to arrest the gang's head.
Once officers arrested a gang member and locked him up.
Police could not arrest the gang owing to dealing with public rush and evacuation of the college, he said.
Cops are yet to arrest the gang leader and another associate.
Leaders should instead take a more nuanced approach that focuses primarily on arresting gang leaders and repeat violent offenders.
Police teams have been formed to track and arrest the gang members.
Violence peaked in the 1990s as gangs fought over turf to sell crack cocaine, then a new drug, leading police to arrest gang leaders en masse.
The team arrested the gang involved in the purchase of costly mobile phones and electronic goods using fake documents.

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