"armed guard" tradução em português


"armed guard" em português

armed guard
  • guarda armada
armed guards
  • guardas armados

Exemplos de uso para "armed guard" em inglês

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He allegedly followed the plastic surgeon, calling her office so frequently that she moved to a hotel and hired an armed guard.
Helga left me to wait at the gate, under the unforgiving gaze of an armed guard, while she sought permission for me to enter.
She arrived as a free woman but left in the custody of an armed guard.
She said her ex-husband sent several men, including an armed guard, to clean out her offices.
There were five workers tending the shop at the time of the robbery, as well as an armed guard.
One woman had reportedly asked for an armed guard to protect her stable of horses.
They tied up the museum cashier and forced an armed guard to hand over keys to his car, which they used to get away.
You won't need an armed guard to cast your ballot.
If an armed guard fires for no reason or accidentally, he faces police action.
There is an armed guard at the door so people can't get in and out.
The next best thing is to have armed guards on merchant ships.
The players will have armed guards on their floor in the hotel and all staff will have background checks.
For example, not all nuclear facilities have armed guards.
Officials estimate that about 100 of those would immediately apply for permission to have armed guards.
The sanctuary has 24-hour armed guards to protect the rhinos from poachers.
He asked why banks have armed guards but not schools.
In addition, steps were taken to have armed guards travel with staff members on journeys they made.
We do not have armed guards following our prime minister or president.

Traduções parecidas para armed guard em Português

armed adjetivo
guard substantivo
to guard verbo
border guard substantivo
armed to the teeth
cattle guard substantivo
caught off guard
caught off guard verbo
body guard substantivo
armed conflict substantivo
armed robbery substantivo
old guard substantivo
to be on guard verbo
to be off guard