"armed gang" tradução em português


"armed gang" em português

armed gang
  • gangue armada

Exemplos de uso para "armed gang" em inglês

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A security guard accompanying the van was later found to have been in cahoots with an armed gang.
It is understood they received reports of an armed gang of up to 50 youths who had tried to gatecrash the wake.
Now an armed gang of treasure hunters equipped with bulldozers has supplanted archaeologists' painstaking efforts with trowels, brushes and soil sifters.
The pair claim they were forced to carry the drugs by an armed gang who threatened them and their family members.
Two members of an armed gang who raided a family's home while wearing skull masks will be sentenced today.
They claimed they had been forced into carrying the drugs by an armed gang and only agreed because their lives were threatened.
Security analysts said further rescue attempts were unlikely now that the armed gang were on land in an area ruled by militia fighters.
He said an armed gang stormed the van and a shootout ensued, with the men fleeing empty-handed.

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