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"arcade game" em português

arcade game
  • jogo de arcade

Exemplos de uso para "arcade game" em inglês

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It really feels like it could be used in a high budget fantasy movie rather than an arcade game.
Now let me get this straight -- you've made up an arcade game, is that it?
Only instead of being stuck inside an arcade game...
I've never seen a port of the arcade game offer that feature before.
I mean there's no way you can make an arcade game out of that type of game.
The game is a bit short overall, but as an arcade game it isn't really a problem.
Then he bought the arcade game -- he already owned a few -- and began playing it incessantly.
Well that is because the arcade game was launched in 1978.
For example, video game emulators allow a personal computer to function almost identically to a video game console or an arcade game system.

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