"appropriate guidance" tradução em português


"appropriate guidance" em português

appropriate guidance
  • orientação adequada
  • orientação apropriada

Exemplos de uso para "appropriate guidance" em inglês

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While performing activities, students are provided with appropriate guidance, advice, and inputs by the artificial intelligent system.
It should be dealt with through appropriate guidance instead of extreme punishment, he said.
Provide appropriate guidance on preparing patients' skin for more invasive skin treatments and on protecting it afterward.
Appropriate guidance which supports sentencers to be aware of these particular factors is therefore welcome.
The public can't be expected to pass judgement on everything, especially without appropriate guidance.
Kari further decried a development whereby inexperienced government agencies undertake insurance cover without recourse to the commission for appropriate guidance.
The role of the vet is to present all the available options and provide appropriate guidance in a compassionate and ethically well-intentioned fashion.
Buddhism gives appropriate guidance to combine personal progress in worldly matters with moral principles.
Secondly if any citizen has threats against them, police investigate and provide the appropriate guidance for the situation.

Exemplos de uso para "appropriate guidance" em português

EnglishPlanners and building inspectors will receive appropriate guidance from this directive.
Os projectistas e inspectores no sector da construção civil receberão orientações apropriadas através desta directiva.
EnglishI am delighted that they will get support and appropriate technical guidance and tools to help them in due time.
Congratulo-me por irem obter apoio e a adequada orientação técnica e os instrumentos que as irão ajudar, a seu devido tempo.

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