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"apply glue" em português

apply glue
  • aplicar cola

Exemplos de uso para "apply glue" em inglês

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Don't apply glue directly to the eyelid -- remember that the glue is an irritant and you should avoid getting it into your eyes at all costs.
Also, apply glue to the outside seam of the lid to help keep it watertight.
I have seen him apply glue to various parts of a worn-out bat and hand-press it below the bed or under a table to help the adhesive stick well.
Simply cut to fit, slip over the joint and apply glue.
Take an already dyed egg, apply glue mixture using a paint brush or sponge to half of the egg.
Apply glue generously to the front of the envelope; carefully place paper on top (holograph side out) and smooth.
Before you apply glue, however, make a dry run, experimenting to discover the best way to move your flooring and close the gap.
If this works for you, open the gap up again, then apply glue.
Apply glue on the base of the falsies with a cotton bud or a small spatula.

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