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"apply a gel" em português

apply a gel
  • aplicar um gel

Exemplos de uso para "apply a gel" em inglês

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Ensure that the wound is cleaned with soap and water before applying the gel.
It is important to note that if your hands are visibly dirty, you should wash and dry them before applying the gel.
Shahzada recommends that one exfoliates first before applying the gel.
To get the best of aloe vera for your hair, apply the gel on your hair and work it into your hair.
Apply gel nail polish to clean, paint free nails using a very thin application from cuticle to free edge.
To use: remove plastic and apply the gel side of the leaf to the skin; smear over the affected area, or hold in place with a bandage.
After applying a gel you wear the watch-like device with the face down, so that it targets the area between the tendons in your wrist.
Use disposable gloves and apply the gel stain with a soft cloth.

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