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"apple growers" em português

apple growers
  • produtores de maçã

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As a result, transporters have hiked their rates, causing further loss in revenue for apple growers.
The apples provide a fresh source of income for apple growers, allowing them to distinguish themselves from the average orchard.
According to rough estimates there is a shortage of 60% labourers in the apple farms leading to nightmares to the apple growers.
It would showcase the barrels, tools, tables and bits of nostalgia he has collected, while also paying homage to the apple growers.
Meanwhile, the situation facing our apple growers remains challenging.
So what are the possible solutions to the challenges facing apple growers at the present time?
Apple growers who were happy to find a bumper crop, were in fact exploited by all and sundry.
His organisation provides help to local apple growers regarding the production and sales of their crop.
The professor believes that the number of well-organized apple growers' organizations and cooperatives will increase.
And it said it was involved in trials with apple growers to reduce pests and disease.

Exemplos de uso para "apple growers" em português

EnglishPolish apple growers will soon be protesting against the low prices offered by the processing industry.
Os produtores de maçã polacos brevemente protestarão contra os preços reduzidos oferecidos pela indústria de transformação.

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