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"any given month" em português

any given month
  • qualquer mês
  • qualquer mês dado

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Around 84,000 of those open posts go unfilled in any given month.
Fewer women than men access the internet in any given month -- 17.8% compared to 22.1%.
In any given month, some prices go up and some go down.
There are statistics showing that 40 percent of homeless people work in any given month.
These tracks can be switched out every day, so in theory it gives them the chance to store about 60 albums during any given month.
Those who do buy digital editions are nearly twice as likely as the average reader to buy additional printed magazines in any given month.
While monthly housing starts are subject to substantial swings due to the effect of multi-family construction in any given month, underlying construction remained elevated.
Yet we use fewer than a quarter of those apps in any given month.
Initial trade statistics for any given month include estimates of crude prices rather than hard figures.
If a dozen members struggle with paying dues in any given month and your community has 500 condos, you aren't likely to feel those effects.

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