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"any given circumstance" em português

any given circumstance
  • qualquer circunstância dada

Exemplos de uso para "any given circumstance" em inglês

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But you never quite know how she'll react to any given circumstance.
If we allow the government to censor and criminalise anything that may be offensive in any given circumstance, we will soon not be allowed to utter anything at all.
In its essence, evidence-based psychiatry involves using the best available evidence in combination with clinical expertise to deliver the highest quality care possible in any given circumstance.
It's all about whether we are doing the best work possible in any given circumstance.
Next, you'll just to outline what to do in any given circumstance.
One of the ways to do this is to choose one's "own attitude" in "any given circumstance", even in "extreme conditions" which seem "totally beyond one's ability to influence them".
She refuses to be suppressed by patriarchal norms and societal dictates at any given circumstance.
Then there are times we are unsure of how to behave in any given circumstance.
There is no way to know clearly, without the intervention of the courts, what this means in any given circumstance.
This shows that we're both generally getting the most out of the car for any given circumstance so this is beneficial for the team.

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