"annual golf tournament" tradução em português


"annual golf tournament" em português

annual golf tournament
  • torneio anual de golfe

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An annual golf tournament and rubber ducky race is still on for 2013 to continue to raise money for local charities.
In the past, the foundation has sponsored an annual golf tournament, held casinos and put on a high profile telethon in the community to raise those funds.
Most of the group's initiatives are funded by an annual golf tournament.
The donation was in addition to the $23,500 raised earlier this year at the association's annual golf tournament.
Earlier this month, the foundation's annual golf tournament raised more than $80,000.
Fox was in town for his annual golf tournament, but took some time to receive his degree at the institute's graduation ceremonies.
The chamber also publishes a monthly e-newsletter and offers special event sponsorship, such as last month's annual golf tournament.
They also held their annual golf tournament, which raised $30,000 last year, and donates $1,000 to a nonprofit for every branch opened.
Its annual golf tournament last year raised more than $77,000 toward the redevelopment.

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annual adjetivo
golf substantivo
tournament substantivo