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"annual giving" em português

annual giving
  • doação anual

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Interestingly, the average amounts of annual giving tend to increase with age.
One group followed the traditional method of making calls while another group was given a speech by the director of annual giving, who expressed gratitude for their efforts.
Annual giving at each of these congregations ranged from almost $2 million to over $30 million.
The annual giving program focuses on donations varying in size from a few dollars up to several thousand dollars.
Annual giving in athletics is often tied to tickets and parking privileges at football and basketball games.
We're hiring an annual giving manager to head up our individual giving program.
The museum recently issued a tender to find a firm to run its annual giving campaign, which is currently based on a direct-mail appeal to donors.
When church budget time rolls around, countless preachers call their congregations to emulate this poor widow by increasing their annual giving.

Exemplos de uso para "annual giving" em português

EnglishYou are avoiding giving the annual figure, which would represent 0.0 something percent, a tiny fraction of the European budget.
O senhor tem evitado revelar o montante anual, que representaria 0,0..., uma percentagem mínima do orçamento europeu.

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