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"annual gift" em português

annual gift
  • presente anual

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We invite you to join us in this, our 4th annual gift giving event to kick start the holiday season.
The annual gift is renewable for up to $10 million.
That compares with 78 per cent of baby boomers who donated to charities, with an average annual gift of $942.
Other stress-reducers include suggesting everyone pitch in with a dish, having the meal catered or perhaps forgoing the annual gift exchange.
This strategic plan will focus on improved game-day revenues, as well as additional annual gift and special event revenue.
Today, in fact, we went through one of the rituals he loved, our annual gift exchange.
The annual gift tax exclusion is a silver lining that the gift tax rules allow.
By "front loading" your gift -- passing on five years' worth of the annual gift exemption, you could make a lump sum gift of to $65,000 per child without being taxed.
Its annual gift catalogue provides numerous options to spur development, eradicate hunger and improve access to resources.

Traduções parecidas para annual gift em Português

annual adjetivo
gift substantivo
to gift verbo
token gift substantivo
free gift substantivo
annual fee substantivo
annual general meeting substantivo
annual income substantivo
annual leave substantivo
annual report substantivo
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