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"annual gathering" em português

annual gathering
  • reunião anual

Exemplos de uso para "annual gathering" em inglês

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It was the first time both women had appeared together at the annual gathering, which became an official event in 1980.
She said she always enjoys the annual gathering.
There had been a decline (in numbers at the annual gathering), so we decided to call it a celebration, not a conference.
Awards is an annual gathering of key personalities in the indie filmmaking scene to honor those who have won awards in international film festivals.
She said this was an annual gathering of the department.
The meeting, which is an annual gathering of players in the downstream petroleum sector, was to review the policies and programmes of the previous year.
It went from being an out-there hippy festival to the best indie-rock gathering in the country to an annual gathering for the rave generation.
The forum is an annual gathering for promoting democracy, human rights, and justice.
Inkblots is the annual gathering of campus journalists, journalism and communication enthusiasts and media practitioners.
The diplomat described "what intrigues him most when it comes to the annual gathering of the country's lawmakers and political advisers".

Exemplos de uso para "annual gathering" em português

EnglishIt's such a big community, in fact, that our annual gathering is the largest scientific meeting in the world.
É tão grande, na verdade, que o nosso encontro anual é o maior encontro mundial das ciências físicas.

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